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    Sophisticated equipment

    Bottom Treatment

    UHP Water jetting blasting

    Remote controlling

    Working height: 1.2m-3.3m

    Eco-friendly by direct vacuum collecting & automatic filtration 

    One-man operation


    UHP water jetting blasting equipment;Water jetting pressure up to 3000 bar

    Mold of operation:distance washing. blasting and etc.

    Remote controlling

    One-man operation

    Working height:0m-6.05m

    Automatical vacuum collection and filtering system


    Dock Spirit is a new kind of ultra-high pressure water blasting equipment, which could be installed on the cherry picker or other trucks

    Suit tor hull plate, tank side & top plate, bottom plate, deck plate. etc.

    Flexible and self-adapting the curve surface of working area 

    Easy operation

    The spot blasting dimension is DN2S0MM

    Water blasting pressure max. 3000 bar

    Automatic filtering system

    Working areas are clear and clean

    Multi-purpose Platform/Internal Tank Platform

    With hanging or standing version, for inspection, blasting, painting, welding, steel works, etc. 

    No need to scaffold, increase efficiency, reduce safety risk and production cost.

    Special application possible

    Semi-submersibles, fixed platforms. FPSO’s and land installations, e.g., bridges, or storage tank building, etc.

    Access to the cargo tank or cargo hold 1.00 m x 0.80 m

    Specially designed for the hull projects, replacing traditional cherry pickers. 

    Easy for areas on hull difficult-to-reach.

    Blasting / painting / inspection /welding / steelwork etc.

    Working height: Max. 38 m

    Installation only takes 2 hours

    More convenient & safe

    Save manpower and time