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    Specialists Know How

    In order to promote IMC-YY's marine service, the shipyard sets up JVs and service centers with some well-known companies.

    Wärtsilä & IMC-YY Service Station

    Service and reconditioning of marine engines, gearboxes, controllable-pitch propellers,thrusters and other ship equipment.

    Zhoushan IN Marine Engineering Co., Ltd

    Class-approved thickness gauging, non-destructive test, life boat survey as well as fire protection equipment survey etc.

    Zhoushan CLAVON IMC-YY Engineering Co., Ltd

    Marine special tank coating services, and coating equipment manufacture.

    MIURA CO.,LTD. –BWMS Service Station

    A manufacturer with 50 years of experience in marine machinery and equipment and has developed environmentally friendly filters and UV systems.

    Zhoushan Viking IMC-YY Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Maintenance service for marine automation control system, marine mechanical & electrical equipment, high-pressure boiler piping system & steam turbine.

    Zhoushan IMC-YY KEMKLEN Technical Services Co.,Ltd.

    Turbocharger, marine & offshore equipment, and marine fittings.

    Zhoushan Heatec IMC-YY Engineering Co.,Ltd.

    Heat exchanger such as tube finned air cooler, shell & tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, and marine piping works.

    Yanmar Engine Zhoushan Service Center

    Marine auxiliary engine, also responsible for providing maintenance service and after service of Yanmar engine.